The Danger of Chlorine In Your Shower

Chlorine is a chemical that is usually used in swimming pools to remove bacteria that can be harmful. Chlorine is also used as a disinfectant in tap water in many cities across the United States. In its natural form chlorine can be destructive and can contribute to certain illnesses if someone is over-exposed to it. If you love showering after a hard day’s work, consider the fact that unfiltered shower water contains chlorine.

Chlorine can be both beneficial and destructive. Here are some facts:

  • Chlorine is used as a household disinfectant, think bleach.
  • Chlorine was used as a chemical weapon during WWI. Back then it was known as mustard gas.
  • Chlorine is used to manufacture pesticides, hydrochloric acid, and aerosols.

Since many cities use chlorine as a disinfectant in tap water, you may be right to be concerned. A water filter for your drinking water is highly recommended. When you shower with regular tap water, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary chlorine. What makes this worse is that most people enjoy taking hot showers, we certainly do 🙂

The problem? If someone is exposed to hot water with chlorine, the hot water will vaporize the chlorine and you can be breathing in the vapors. Once the vapor enters your lungs, it can do damage over time.

Inhalation of chlorine over time can cause:

  • Nose and throat tickling, itchy cough and nose, dryness in the throat and nose, shortness of breath, and coughing that can lead to respiratory irritation and headaches.
  • When in contact with a higher level of chlorine, one can experience mild irritation of the mucus membrane, difficulty breathing, vomiting, chest pain, and pulmonary edema.
  • For those who have asthma, inhalation can exacerbated the problem.

To decrease the intake of the vaporized chlorine inside the body, there should be a ventilator or an exhaust fan inside your bathroom. You should also consider a shower filter that can remove chlorine from your shower water.

We recommend the Natural Rapids shower filter 🙂

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