What you Don’t Know About Chlorine Could Hurt You

For the past few years, many people have been concerned about the possible dangers of chlorine. Experts and researchers have stressed the fact that chlorine can be dangerous in showers, pools, and cleaning products. However, while there can be many dangers, people should also not forget about the benefits of chlorine.

Before you look into the dangers of chlorine, you should first know what chlorine is. Chlorine is a chemical that is used for different purposes. It is one of the elements found in cleaning products and it is also used in pool sanitation. The gas form of chlorine is poisonous and has a strong odor. Will you hesitate before jumping into the pool? Don’t worry, the chlorine present in pools and showers is already extremely diluted.

If chlorine is used properly, there are several benefits. It can disinfect tap water and it can kill the bacteria present in the pool. Many cleaning agents use chlorine as a main ingredient because it kills germs and other bacteria. However, things can go downhill quickly if you are overexposed to chlorine.

Chlorine can destroy your lungs and if you inhale its concentrated form, you will not be able to breathe. Chlorine is not explosive but if you mix it with other compounds like ammonia or turpentine, it can become combustible. Be very careful when mixing cleaning products. Don’t try to mix bleach with other household cleaners because it can turn into a dangerous gas.

You can’t avoid using chlorine everyday. However, make sure that you keep all your household cleaners in a safe place. The same thing should be observed when storing your pool cleaning supplies (if you have one). You should also ensure that children can’t reach the supplies to avoid accidents. When using the household cleansers or the pool cleaning supplies, you should wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and before preparing your meals.

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